Lost Umbrella by ~HollanElric on deviantART

Lost, lost in this forest of wandering souls
Lost, lost in this forest of sadness
Lost, lost will anyone come to find me
Lost, lost I collapse with distress
Lost, lost forever in this forest of death
Lost, lost forever wandering amid the bodies
Lost, lost forever wishing to be in their place

naked tree by ~Eryan27 on deviantART
Like the thin twigs that shoot upward
I stab myself with a dull sword

purple by ~Amaryllis000 on deviantART

The Moon glides across the Purple Sky
Earth opens her mouth to eat it and nearly chokes
Spitting it back up the Sky turns Green and the Grass into Blue
The Lakes and Rivers become Red
The Clouds fall into the Lakes and Rivers
Fish swimming in the Sky
Birds into the Lakes and Rivers
For everything has forsaken the Earth

Petrychor - Dryad

"In an increasingly faceless and globalized culture, it is of the utmost importance that we document the emotions and attitudes of the dissenter whose goals and practices are not condoned or made possible by large society. This is music for meditation, for frustration and anger, for beauty, and above all for communication. Petrychor seeks to expand on and enhance those focuses typically associated with black metal by staying open to outside influences, especially modern acoustic music, the gothic/neofolk scene, and the thickness and visceral catharsis present in the best post-rock."

Foggy Morning by ~enunez on deviantART

What is this emotion it cannot be true
Why why is this what I want to do
Why did you leave me hanging on this tree
Why did you turn away and flee
You said you had something for me called love
But when I needed you most you ran like a dove
You took everything I have nothing left
You even took my final breath
As I lie on the ground panting why
I felt as though my very soul would die
As my heart beats I hear the sound
Of her stomping it into the ground
She rips and bites it like a dog
Then before I knew it she disappeared into the fog

Who made the kitty sad? by *SpinalMesh on deviantART

If only I were a cat and could purr
If only I were comfy and warm with fur
But no I'm a human who's life makes me want to hurl
All because I can't be with my girl

Waterfall and hidden cave by =steppelandstock on deviantART

As the water falls near the cave's hole
I search the empty earth for my soul
Wandering, wandering over barren lands
My time is limited but to a few last sands

Vivid Dream

This dream I have had several times and disturbs me to the point of waking thinking the last that happened is happening, here it is.

I'm a member of what appears to be a Special Ops or Paranormal Ops group, and we are boarding a moving yacht and notice all the dead crew members in a pile off to the side.  As we wonder into the inside and wait for the Captian.  While waiting for the Captian to come I lazily pick up a book about occult rituals and start reading one about holding a gold key in your hand next to a fire and keeping it there till it melts in your hand.  Some how I manage to get old of a gold key and put 2 of my finger throuhg the top part and burn my pointer and middle finger with the key.  Just as that happens the Captian comes in, sees what I did and grabs me by my waist and throws me over his shoulder.  He yells out to the others I am with that I shall be sacrificed(killed by a tangerine looking snake) and maybe even eaten.  I decide to take things into my own hands and produce a knife and take a swing at the snake which springs off the Captians arm and clamps down on my throat and starts to wrap it self aroound me.

 This is when I start to feel pressure on my left side of the neck and diffficulty breathing so I wake in a panic, also the snake didn't appear to be venomous, but I do believe that one time it was and the next it wasn't; it was tangerine/orange colored and about 4-5 feet in lenght and thick enough to cause me in my dream to start to suffocate.

Canto I by ~Cybotics on deviantART
"Midway upon the journey of our life
I found myself within a forest dark,
For the straightforward pathway had been lost."

- Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy, Canto I, Lines 1-3

Severd Head by ~cbernhardt on deviantART
"I kind of ponder – when committing a suicide by train decapitation, do you load yourself up or do you just arm up with lots of determination and lay on the tracks sober? Cause if the latter, then it’s pretty fucking admirable. You hear the train approaching, the tracks are rumbling, then the whistle, then whole ground shakes like crazy – if you’d still keep your neck on the tracks waiting for that first wheel, then your determination to die deserves a medal…"
-Quote from BestGore.com

death by =mr-twingo on deviantART
I wait for deaths embrace
I shall except it as one would Amazing Grace
I'll stare him gleefully in the face
And follow him to a long lost place

River 3 by *mateuszskibicki1 on deviantART
Staring at the river's reflection
I think of loves infection
And remeber all the rejection
You'll find me dead that the bottom with further inspection

sunrise by ~noobs on deviantART
Waiting ever so patiently for the sun to rise
Waiting for the time everyone dies
For death shall itself is in no disguise
For making peace with your god is words for the wise

sunset by ~S-moon on deviantART
As useless as the fog
I like an old dog
Waiting for setting of sun
So my life shall be done

corn field sunset by *ariseandrejoice on deviantART
Today my life faded away like the sunset
Broken like a stalk of corn
Not being with the one I love is my biggest regret
Everyday I mourn

The Weeping by *Ice-Beam on deviantART
Here I am crying in bed
Wishing upon a star that I was dead
Face smothered into the pillow
Tears streaking my face like the branches of a willow

Rain -2- by ~Matt-Reutt on deviantART
I've cried many times at night
Wanting to hold you ever so tight
Being without you is my only fright
To be with you I'll use all my might

Sad scenery by ~FilipR8 on deviantART
"I travled here, intending to end my life, and as I was entering these desolate places my mule collapsed, dead of exhaustion and hunger or, what I believe more likely, to free itself of the useless burden it was carrying." -Quote from the novel Don Quixote

The Dark One by *T-Hip on deviantART
I gleefully stare into the blood red sky
Wishing and wondering when I shall die
To think of such a wonderful day
I try to kill myself every which way

Dark Moon by *ChrisAddams on deviantART
Bright and blue like this moon
I slowly slip into world of nothingness
I let out a scream like that of a loon
Just in time for my body to become lifeless

Dark by ~sebbri on deviantART
I close my eyes and enter the world of black and white
Wanting more than anything to die tonight
For living without you is my only fright
I only want to hold you ever so tight

Dark by ~SweetySara on deviantART
As I gaze across over the land from the shore
I ponder this life of mine which I do not adore
So I hang myself not wanting to live anymore

Roughting Linn Waterfall by *newcastlemale on deviantART
My tears flow endlessly over the edge
And nourish the ever green moss
For ever loving you is my plegde
Without you I am at a loss

why... by `werol on deviantART
Why, why must life continue this way
Why, why of everyone must I be the one to pay
For what I have done is nothing but care
And all that everyone else does is tear
Why oh why
Can't I just die

hurt by ~Rubashka on deviantART
Like a stab wound to the heart
I slowly lose my love
My life has finally begun to depart
My slowing chest gives one last shove

Lake view by ~parallel-pam on deviantART
I've cried enough tears to fill a lake
Please come back for my sake
For your touch I truely need
From this prison called life I wish to be freed

Pain... by !proverbios31 on deviantART
I wrapped myself with barbedwire
The pain feels like fire
Wrapped from my head to my feet
This life of mine I wish to delete

Rain. by ~BartoZ on deviantART
The rain beats against the window frame
Like the rain, my life is full of shame
I beg to all the gods to slowly rot
Just in time to get shot

::Snow:: by *Ginsui-rin on deviantART
As the snow falls to the ground
I smell lots of pain inbound
The sweet sweet smell I love
I die and my soul flies away like a dove

BURN IT by ~alghareb on deviantART
A long time ago I feel into this ring of fire
Thinking of love I hear a far away choir

suicide by ~sraaa on deviantART
As the blade smoothly slides across my wrist
I wonder why my meaningless life must persist
These things I often ponder

9 orange mushrooms by ~littleredelf on deviantART
As I intake the magic mushroom
I magically wait for my doom

Vines by ~Kaywa on deviantART
Like the creeping vines
My wounds make beautiful lines
Up, down and side to side
This pain of mine is too hard to hide

Death by ~MistaBobby on deviantART
Finally I catch a glimpse of my death
Gleefully I take my last breath
I died in the most beautiful bloodbath

lonley tree by ~idaw on deviantART
As the light pours though the clouds
A group of widows walks by covered in shrouds

Thorn by *Murderdoll17 on deviantART
Lonelyness is like a thorn
Without my love I shall forever mourn
My life is it forever torn
When we first met I felt reborn

Cold by ~Hartmut-Lerch on deviantART
Being without you is my only lament
Not being able to smell your sweet scent

Depressing Existence... by ~LuciusRoth on deviantART
I gleefully stare into the void
Waiting for the moment my life shall be destroyed
I laugh waiting for the time
For assisted suicide should not be a crime

Don't be sad by ~Lomil-Gathiel on deviantART
Whenever someone dies people are sad
Me, I'm not, I'm rather glad
I should make death a race, whoever comes in first
Shall surely not be cursed

suicide by *Anuk on deviantART
Unlike a loving teddy bear
There is no one here to care
So I jump off the cliff
Two hours later they find my body stiff

Apple of Death by ~Rajala on deviantART
My body is rotten like an old apple
I lay peacfully at rest in the funeral chapel
Finally death has come
Who will miss me, probably none

Gate.. by *MustafaDedeogLu on deviantART
Finally I have opened my gate
The time has come to release my hate

Burn by ~designani on deviantART
My life is withered and burning
A slow painful death I am yearning

When I died I went to hell
So all it well

Like the deep blue sea
I just want to be me
Just leave me alone
So I can finally feel at home

Just in time, it arrives, my cue
My glorious death is finally due

Cannibal by *DraculeaRiccy on deviantART
My life is getting devoured by a cannibal
Finally a worthy death, dying like an animal

Unmighty and king of nothing
Oppisite of the lion
This life of mine I am abandoning
I am slowly dying

The coyote stands alone and is at peace
His state of mind is priceless like golden fleece

As I stare into the reflection pond
I wonder when my soul will journey beyond
So I jump in
I can't swim

Similar to a never ending prairie
Your burdens I shall forever carry

Like the humidty in the tropics
My single tear slowly drips
For the One I can't be with
I dream of her like a hero in a myth

Like animals in a desert
Where ever you are I shall convert

Similar to this lonesome lagoon
My heart has shriveled like a prune
Longing for your touch
Missing you too much

Mourning Dove I by ~Arcanacaries on deviantART
Our never ending love
Staring in your beautiful eyes
It like the returning dove
Hoping our love never dies

My woman's love
Is what I write of
In this beautiful picture
For her beauty you can't easly capture

Don't fucking touch my girl
Don't step in her path
Cause you never know what you may unfurl
I'll unleash my wrath

As long as you are here for me
I'll be here for you like a tree
And just maybe I'll drop to a knee

Never shall I be as lonley as this statue
As long as I have a lover such as you
Always I shall stay true
My heart sticks to yours like glue

I solemnly gaze at the funeral pyre
Just like me it burns out of control
My need to be with her is dire
For her warmth is what makes me whole

I gallantly embrace Death
It seems to be the only way
Waiting for my last breath
To end this pain filled day

As I gaze into the light of the candle
I reflect upon this life I can't handle
Remebering all the pain life brings
As well as the suicidal things

As I enter the cave's darkness
I finally have a moment of bliss

As I wonder aimlessly through the never ending woodland
I finally decide to die by my own hand

All the blood is from the knife
One of these days I'll finally take my life

Hello my name is Dead
So one day I shot myself in the head

I am beyond tears
It seems my eyes are empty
And the blood on the floor is now only smears
The cuts on my arm number fifty

As I cry these bloody tears
I look up to the sky
Wondering if I shall overcome my fears
Just as I collapse and die

As the my blood spills like rain
The streets overflow
I laugh at such little pain
As I brace myself for one more blow

It's yummy, wet and tasty
I swear I'm not crazy

If only I were a bug
To recieve such a welcoming hug

Just let me be me
So all my pain and blood can flow free

Whenever a birds acrobatics takes away my breath
I think of falling to my death

Der Vaterland ist tot
Die Totengraber ist tot
Ich bin tot
Du bist tot
Jeder uberall ist tot
Der Teufel ist der Meister von die Welt

Like the flowers are yellow
Soon I'll be a dead fellow

As the fog rises to the sky
I lay on the grass
And wonder when I will die
So I cut my throat with some glass

Just as the seeds blow away
My life starts to decay

As I gaze over the lake
I gather my rope for the noose I shall make

Is that the moon or the sun
Either way, my life is just as done

The tree in the middle would be perfect for suicide
Too bad I became a victim of homicide
Spanish Moss
The swaying Spanish Moss
Looks like hanging bodies mourning a loss

This vision of mine is blurred
My life is pain, I have concurred

The branches are mangled and twisted
Like the dreams of myself I have witnessed

This tree reminds me of a man
Who said, "I think I can."
But never tried
So he died

As the crows devour the white snow
They wait for an innocent, to devour their soul

The Day Was June The Second 1967, Vietnam

As i wake up I hope I have a good birthday, mostly since it is my first in this hell hole of a country Vietnam. I rub my face and roll off my cot gathering my gear and double check it, as Jim looks over my gear for a thrid time I do the same for him. As we walk towards the firebase entrance Gunny says, "Gegner, take point." "Aye Sergeant," I replay as I walk past a mumbe profanities as I start to leave the gate. We where given the area that hasn't seen American patrols since mid-May, so we had to practice noise disipline and what not. At the head of the squad I hum "Voodoo Child" by Jimi Hendrix and think of my girlfriend, Sandy, back in Boulder, Colorado; whilst looking for possible booby traps, heh that always sounded funny to me booby traps, and possible enemies....BOOOOOOOOOOM!!!! "Holy shit!" I scream as my legs are swept from under me and my helmet flies off. "Shit, shit, fuck, shit, damn it, DAMN IT!" I manage to cry out looking at my legs, the left is all cut up with multiple shrapnel wounds and bits of twigs as well, the right is crippled and broken. While still in a daze I manage to lift my uninjured M16 and do a quick scan of the area, what the fuck was that RATATATATATATATATA..... damn nothing. "Corpsman!"....nevermind I think as i see the rest of the squad sprawled arcoss the jungle floor like leaves. I try to stand using my M16 as a crutch but collapse under a feeling of pain and guilt. Quickly I tie a tourniquet on my left leg and crawl, using my arms since my legs have been hit, to check the vitals of my squad. The result brings more guilt, all are dead except for me and Gunny who is just barley alive, I gag a little looking at the destruction around me and curse myself for not paying attention, but I don't have enough money to pay attention, hahaha, i manage to reach Kelly, the radio operator to reach the firebase, but some shrapnel cut the cord to the box, damn is this shit FUCKED up, happy birthday Ben, which I just remembered, the best one ever too... not. I decide to stay and see if they'll send out a recon team to recover our bodies if we don't return to base, so I start to crawl toward a tree ZWANG BOOOOOOOOOM!!!! I quickly scream out and cover my head with my arms and hands as best I can. I laugh at how much my life is fucked up right now, as i continue to crawl toward the ever looming tree, i have to shut my swollen left eye, and use my right arm to crawl, dam my left side it FUCKED up. My right arm has multiple minor shrapnel wounds too it as well as a piece of my middle knuckle missing.....................................

...................I don't know how long it's been since the first blast, but I am so fucking sore and in so much pain, I cry towards the heavens and break down crying, as I start to look at the clouds floating by. This war my be beyond my helping but, shit, it's a beautiful place. It starts to rain... FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK, I hate the rain...........

.........As i slowly wake from my slumber in the jungle, I realize I'm not gonna be rescued, so I start to crawl BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!