Foggy Morning by ~enunez on deviantART

What is this emotion it cannot be true
Why why is this what I want to do
Why did you leave me hanging on this tree
Why did you turn away and flee
You said you had something for me called love
But when I needed you most you ran like a dove
You took everything I have nothing left
You even took my final breath
As I lie on the ground panting why
I felt as though my very soul would die
As my heart beats I hear the sound
Of her stomping it into the ground
She rips and bites it like a dog
Then before I knew it she disappeared into the fog


  1. Hi my friend,
    sorry for the really late reply,just returned from a rather difficult period...
    Nice art and poetry btw,keep it up!
    Just added your link to our links section as for all non-metal blogs,hope you will add ours too :)
    All the best mate,cheers from Greece!

    George M. aka ILL_Natured_gr,