Vivid Dream

This dream I have had several times and disturbs me to the point of waking thinking the last that happened is happening, here it is.

I'm a member of what appears to be a Special Ops or Paranormal Ops group, and we are boarding a moving yacht and notice all the dead crew members in a pile off to the side.  As we wonder into the inside and wait for the Captian.  While waiting for the Captian to come I lazily pick up a book about occult rituals and start reading one about holding a gold key in your hand next to a fire and keeping it there till it melts in your hand.  Some how I manage to get old of a gold key and put 2 of my finger throuhg the top part and burn my pointer and middle finger with the key.  Just as that happens the Captian comes in, sees what I did and grabs me by my waist and throws me over his shoulder.  He yells out to the others I am with that I shall be sacrificed(killed by a tangerine looking snake) and maybe even eaten.  I decide to take things into my own hands and produce a knife and take a swing at the snake which springs off the Captians arm and clamps down on my throat and starts to wrap it self aroound me.

 This is when I start to feel pressure on my left side of the neck and diffficulty breathing so I wake in a panic, also the snake didn't appear to be venomous, but I do believe that one time it was and the next it wasn't; it was tangerine/orange colored and about 4-5 feet in lenght and thick enough to cause me in my dream to start to suffocate.

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